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Title: Somnolent
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Rating: Mature
Length: 1300ish words
Content notes: Ooops I wrote sex.
Author notes: Technically this is the - third? Fourth? Fic in a series where I haven’t written any of the others yet XD;;; however it’s really just several-years-post-canon PWP?
Summary: Clef/Umi. The sun is shining, but Clef doesn’t really want to wake up.

Somnolent )
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The WAKE challenge is now closed. Here are the entries:

Fanfic: Wake-Up Call by [personal profile] down
Fanfic: Just a Little Break by [personal profile] milieva

A great big thank you to everyone who participated! If you're archiving on AO3, you can add your work to our Rayearth FanWorks collection there.
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Title: wake-up call
Rating: General
Pairing: Clef and Umi friendship
Content notes: None
Summary; Clef gets a wake-up call he wasn't expecting

wake up call )
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Title: Just a Little Break
Rating: G
Length: 1300 words
Content notes: Kid!fic fluff
Author notes: This is nonsense that I got stuck in my head probably about an hour after I posted the prompt yesterday.
Summary: Clef takes a break from work when his daughter decides she doesn't want to take a nap.

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Rayearth Fanwork Challenge 5:

How you interpret this is entirely up to you. You can write - or finish! - a piece of fiction, draw a piece of art, write a meta post, create a fic rec list or fan-mix of songs, or any other fannish pursuits. There will be badges for participation that you can earn based on type and number of challenges you participate in. These will become available when your mods manage to find time to come up with them.

Posting starts now and continues up until the challenge ends when the closing post goes up, which will be somewhere after 10 pm Greenwich Mean Time on Sunday, 25th March. While we would prefer each work created for this challenge to be posted as a new entry to the comm, if you do not have a Dreamwidth account, you may reply to this entry with a link to your work posted somewhere like AO3 or FFN. (or even Tumblr, if your theme is legible) If you need help, please contact a mod.
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