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Jul. 2nd, 2017 11:25 am
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Welcome to our little Magic Knight Rayearth Dreamwidth community! We're a small fandom, but very welcoming. We're glad you could join us.

Please read these community guidelines before posting.

General Information
Introduction | Community Guidelines | Posting Guidelines

Challenge Information
Introduction | Posting | Badges

General Information


This community is following in the footsteps of at least a dozen previous LiveJournal communities that existed over the years. We've had general communities, icon communities, fanfic communities, and many others, but it is high time we had a fresh start at a new place for fans of Magic Knight Rayearth to congregate.

This is a community in which you can share your fanworks, in-depth plot analysis, and anything else you might like.

While we will be posting prompts for fanworks from time to time, to give you new ideas to write or draw, as well as a deadline incentive to finish, not all the post to this community need to be related to those prompts. Please feel free to share any other Rayearth posts you're inspired to.

Mostly we want to have fun and encourage the fandom discourse we have begun to miss in places such as Tumblr and the like.

General Community Guidelines

These are the sorts of rule you should have all learned by now, but it's always good to have a reminder of what is and is not allowed in a new space. We want nothing more than to have fun, so let's get started, shall we.

1. All members and non-members are encouraged to participate, have fun, and make creative works.

2. Positive feedback is the greatest gift you can give a creator.
  • Comment, comment, comment. This is how you give a creator that little butterfly feeling of happiness that makes them want to make all sorts of new and exciting pretties for your enjoyment, so get out there and tell them that you like their stuff!

3. Be kind. Any sort of wank, bashing, hatefulness, or general arseholery will get you banned without notice. (If you have any questions about this, please ask)

4. No ship wars either.
  • This is a small fandom with three lovely protagonists. Those three have a varied assortment of possible love interests, and those love interests also have a varied assortment of possible interests. The possibility of conflicting ships is utterly inevitable, but that is no reason for hate or arguments. If you headcanon a specific character as being only one other character's soulmate, or even ace, it's okay that someone else is over there saying they've slept with like fifteen people including Eagle's uncle and a tree. That's okay too. These things happen.
  • Shipping duels are allowed, but may only be organised for set times and places

5. Please read through the guidelines before posting. If you have a question about what is or is not allowed, please ask a mod.

General Content Posting Guidelines:

All of the following rules add up to one thing: Please follow basic posting etiquette.

1. Label your posts with things like rating, pairing, and content warnings. Preferably both in the header and in the post itself before the cut tag. Example:

2. Post anything longer than 100 words or images above 250kb under a cut.
  • Easily done in the html side of posting with a cut tag:
  • It keeps the community page looking neat and tidy.
  • It also keeps people from having to see or read anything related to their NOTP unless they choose to click.

3. No posting works that are not yours.
  • Recs are fine. By which, we mean, you can post a link to a thing as long as you describe what it is with appropriate tags and information.
  • Reposting someone else's fic or artwork is a no-no. Please only post things you have created to the community, unless you have specific permission from the creator to post it.
  • Don't post official artwork. This means no icons, manips, or any other posts of the official CLAMP art. Covers and release images of merchandise is allowed, but only for sharing information about the releases.

Fanwork Challenges

In an attempt to encourage new fanworks, we will be posting at least one prompt challenge a month. Most of them will be single word challenges, but these may be built upon during the fortnight with book titles, song titles, or quotes. How you interpret these prompts is entirely up to you. You can write - or finish! - a piece of fiction, draw a piece of art, write a meta post, create a fic rec list or fan-mix of songs, or any other fannish pursuits.

Most challenges will go up on a Sunday and will close in two weeks on the following Monday morning. Everything posted while the challenge is open will be linked in the wrap-up post.

Challenge Posting:
We would love for you to post your work directly to the community, to ensure we can call continue to enjoy it. But you are welcome to post a link to your work on another site, such as AO3. Just be sure that your entry still contains the rating, pairing, and content warnings. If you are posting to AO3, please add your work to our collection.

To be sure your post is included in the wrap-up post, include "Challenge: [name of challenge]" in the subject like of your post. See further information on formatting your post in the Posting Guidelines

To encourage participation, we are creating lots of cute and shiny badges for you to put in your profile. Badge post coming soon!

This is just a basic overview and may be added to in detail at a later date. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below.

If you have any questions, comments, or happy thoughts please feel free to ask a mod.


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