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Apr. 19th, 2019 07:41 am
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There is going to be a lot more Princess icons-- as I've been rereading the series, I've put many pictures in my to-be-edited folder. That is why I haven't really made icons for the past couple of days-- both catching up with TV and re-reading the series. I even added some old favorites to my icon rotation a long with applicable lyrics. I want to write fic, I want to create a fanmix for the series. I WANT TO BE THE PRINCESS FAN THAT THE WORLD NEEDS! (since there is probably only like 3 of us that exists in this world!

Everyone have a Leo icon!

Also gee, I hope my manga colouring skills haven't grown rusty! -_-

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Apr. 17th, 2019 08:36 pm
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The advantage of reading a series for the second time is that you feel all the love again-- and you fall in love with characters and pairings all over again.

The disadvantage is knowing exactly what is going to happen to said characters and pairings

Oh Leo and Eshild-- like, I think I will always love you just a little bit--

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Apr. 16th, 2019 07:24 am
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Pick a number (or numbers) between 1 and 480.

Once again To be Edited Folder needs to be taken from-- I'm in between icon challenges which means, hurrah-- let's icon all the things!

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Apr. 13th, 2019 08:24 am
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Time to talk about WrestleMania, Princess (the manga) and Icons!

Watching televised wrestling is fairly new to me. I didn't start watching it til around 2016, though 2015 I watched matches here and there when it was playing over at Owen's place (since he watches it religiously), I started watching because I saw Bayley wrestle, Owen was actually sneaky enough to show me a character that he thought I would latch on to as an insidious play to get me to watch something that he was so excited about. Hence that is how it started, and how I fell down a hole; I eventually also found Dean Ambrose and Becky Lynch at the bottom, and thus fangirlness was born (I know 'fangirlness' is not a word, and that's okay with me)

While I have become somewhat disenchanted with Bayley (though really, I did really totally fangirl when Bayley attacked Sasha before they became a tag team), my love for Becky Lynch is still going strong so I was thrilled to see that she won, and while I am not a big fan of the route they are taking with a fued with Lacey Evans, it is what it is-- I hope Becky continues to be THE MAN! woop woop! I am not excited about wrestling as much as I used to - (I will be excited when Toni Storm makes the callup from NXT UK, you better believe) but there are still wrestlers that I do follow.

Now about Princess, after posting those icons up at [community profile] hiraethe, I decided "HEY I WANT TO READ THIS MANGA SERIES AGAIN". And I am. the advantage is that I can recognize all the great traits of my favorite characters early on, the disadvantage is that I can also see exactly where everything went wrong in the second read through, and everything starts going wrong almost from Chapter 1, but reading it the first time, you don't see it and can't imagine the levels of dropped the ball that happens which causes the death of many very beloved characters.

though the series hasn't ended, and I've heard it stated that it hasn't been updated because the mangaka cannot endure the eventual death of certain characters who will remain nameless and who I will be completely gutted over if in fact that happens, and reading the very last chapter a few years ago-- I can see that is exactly where it is headed, and oh the tears-- especially as it is involving my favorite character and my favorite pairing in the series-- if what I think happens happens then it is going to be a very. bad. time for me and I may need to hit the sake bottle to console myself. But the characters, oh the characters. My favorite is Eshild because she is a strong independent woman, and her romance with Leo is almost magical-- she trained herself how to fight, and he's sort of grumpy about it because she's a princess but then when he realizes that he can't protect her 24/7, he realizes that he's glad that she can hold her own. The 'main' couple is not my favorite, but I think it is because the two together are not really strong personalities--

Since I am re-reading the series, there will probably be a lot of icons involving it-- already have a few manga caps picked out as well as some of the cover art which is also gorgeous! Gotta see if my manga colouring game is as strong as it used to be-- (doubtful).

I cleared the icon challenges on my plate so now it's 'Nia Freeform', though I am planning opening up a gift icon post sometime in the next couple of weeks-- also there is some textures to make for over at my icon comm, so icon wise-- I still have a lot on my plate because hey, I love a good buffet and I keep piling it on and on so that my work will never be done.

I also have a new icon uploaded that I have to figure out the lyrics for-- and that will put my Chrono Trigger icon count up to 2 (3 if you count my Chrono Trigger OC which I also have an icon of because immadork-- even dorkier that when I make my Magus icon, I will un-upload her and then upload the both of them.. side.by.side. *shots fired... at myself*) Bur seriously Marle is my second favorite character in the game-- playable. (Schala is up there as well even though she's an NPC)-- she's no Magus, but that's alright because I love her optimism and hope regardless.

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Apr. 9th, 2019 08:02 pm
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I think that personally all the icons I have making for fandom10in20 is my personal best-- I am so excited for this batch, it is after all a subject that is near and dear to my heart!
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more can be found HERE @ [community profile] hiraethe
Princess Manhwa by Han Seung Won

*I only posted this here because I posted a lot of fandom exposition as well as a link to read the series over at my icon journal-- so it was pretty much a keysmash love post! And hey in my defense, I've had 65 icon posts over at the comm and this is the first time I've crossposted, so I think I'm doing pretty good!

Also, one day I'll re-read it-- and once again cry myself into a pillow with all the feels (and yes, all of the tags I am using are HIGHLY relevant to the series--)
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