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Title: a thorough truth
Rating: general with some mention of sex?
Characters: Clef, Umi
Pairings: Umi/Clef
Length: 1600
Content Warnings: none
Author's Note: comes after on the line in the sand. Also the title is a play on betrothed. For the line wedding-beverages-luxury on the bingo card.
Summary: the morning after
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Title: Accessible
Rating: Teenish maybe
Characters: Zazu, Ascot, LaFarga
Pairings: Zazu/Ascot
Length: 1000ish
Content Warnings: None
Author's Note: Link goes through to [community profile] fan_flashworks
Stand-alone established Zazu/Ascot (probably fits in the series of stand-alone Zazu/Ascot little fics I have going but there's literally no reference to them.) - For 'key' at ffwks, but also 'comfort' for my ffwks bingo card, and for 'feathers' here.
Summary: Zazu wonders how Cephiran locks even work.

Click here to read on fan-flashworks (still on dreamwidth).
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BELATEDLY what I ended up doing for twelve days was get my long-standing Clef/Ferio Rock!AU stuck in my head, but it took a while before anything condensed into fic - this is still over on the fan-flashworks comm (the link goes to the entry there) but it's a bit of prequel fic.

It'll wait a bit before I actually get it on AO3 so posting here in case anyone's curious and hasn't seen it yet?

Title: a foolishly hopeful promise
Rating: Teen? (strong language)
Length: 1500ish words
Content notes: None
Author notes: Rock!AU, Ferio/Clef (one-sided as far as Ferio knows, Clef's not actually in this.) Stand-alone prequel to a rock!au I haven't actually finished and posted yet (there are a few snippets on the internet).
Summary: What's a rock band about to start a huge tour meant to do when their singer is more than a little under the weather?

Lantis has an idea. Ferio thinks it's a terrible one.

link to the fic on fan-flashworks on dreamwidth.

Now I'm going to go turn my attention to the current challenge here~

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Title: Somnolent
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Rating: Mature
Length: 1300ish words
Content notes: Ooops I wrote sex.
Author notes: Technically this is the - third? Fourth? Fic in a series where I haven’t written any of the others yet XD;;; however it’s really just several-years-post-canon PWP?
Summary: Clef/Umi. The sun is shining, but Clef doesn’t really want to wake up.

Somnolent )
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Title: Something New
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Rating: General
Length: 1400ish words
Content notes: Accidental injury
Author notes: Anime canon - post-canon. Clef and Ferio. Also for trope_bingo (wildcard: hurt/comfort)
Summary: Clef could do with better spatial reasoning.

Something New )
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Title: (un)certain
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Rating: General
Length: 1000ish words
Content notes: None
Author notes: Weight of water 'verse - this is a small sidefic to the start of Protecting You.
Summary: “Are we certain about this?” LaFarga asked quietly.

(un)certain )
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Title: Supporting the Local Economy
Authors: [personal profile] milieva [personal profile] down
Rating: All
Length: 1,444 words
Author notes: Complete nonsense that more or less stands alone, but sits in the Griþian and Fritþian not too long before Sanctuary. I started this and [personal profile] down helped finish it.
Summary: Clef's personal spending gets a little out of hand.

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Title: wake-up call
Rating: General
Pairing: Clef and Umi friendship
Content notes: None
Summary; Clef gets a wake-up call he wasn't expecting

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Title: Cracked Skies
Rating: M?
Pairing: Umi/Clef
Content notes: Sex, magic, etc...
Length: 15000 words
Summary; Umi hadn’t expected to be able to feel how unsettled Autozam was.

I started this fic probably most of a decade ago. I wrote the last third of it in the last few days. My gift for my wife on our third wedding anniversary~

(It may get neatened a little more before going on AO3. But it's done!)

Cracked Skies )
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Title: Sugar kisses
Rating: General
Pairing: Clef/Umi/Ascot
Content notes: No warnings, beyond the fact I seem to have written a ridiculously saccharine valentine's day fic? Set after Adopted chaos but stands alone.
Summary; Cephiro has some of its own traditions.

Sugar kisses )
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Title: New Rules
Fandom: Rayearth (OVA)
Rating: Teenish
Length: 1500
Content notes: non-explicit off-screen sex
Author notes: this comes just after miracle which is currently only on tumblr. I think this is actually the second half of the chapter that starts. Anyway, you probably need it for context, sorry! I was going to write the actual START of this fic-series but that didn't happen, oops.
Summary: Clef/Ferio. Every morning is another small beginning in their new start.

New Rules )
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