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(So, last year on tumblr, I started a list of Rayearth crack!ship prompts to amuse and/or inspire. Here is everything I have so far.)

Prompt #1: Lantis/Lafarga

Because I’m gonna contribute to the 12 Days Of Crack some way or another! (All ideas are free for anyone else to use)

So… Have you considered Lafarga/Lantis?

Imagine them being comrades-with-benefits or something more serious before shit went down. Imagine Lantis leaving a devastated Lafarga without even saying goodbye. Imagine them having angry make-up sex after Lantis returns. Imagine, perhaps, that they end up going their separate ways after that, realizing that while they’ve both found others to love, They’ll Always Have Paris Cephiro.

Prompt #2: Emeraude/Alcyone

(Again, free for anyone to use)

Have you considered Emeraude/Alcyone?

Clef said he taught Alcyone her magic so that she could protect the Pillar, after all. Imagine Alcyone as devoted to Emeraude as she was to Zagato. Imagine a little girl enamored with the beautiful, strong Pillar after meeting her once. Imagine Emeraude indulging Alcyone (and herself) for a night, only to have it result in such repercussions that she decides Never Again. Imagine that it wasn’t just falling for Zagato that broke Emeraude.

Prompt #3: Ascot/Clef

Some people ship Umi/Ascot. Some people ship Umi/Clef. Both are valid.

But have you considered Ascot/Clef?

Imagine them and their beasties going on outings together. Imagine Clef being a little frustrated by Umi getting into Ascot’s head first. Imagine Ascot panicking after Clef decides to ‘pull an Ascot’ himself because ‘Oh no he’s hot!’ Imagine Umi either being very amused by the development (perhaps in another ship herself) or getting in on the action and making it a threesome. Just give a whirl, why don’t you?

Prompt #4: Fuu/Caldina

Have you considered Fuu/Caldina?

I don’t even know what to do with this one, but it didn’t sound completely unworkable, so thought I might as well throw it out there. Might be a good pair for mind games, maybe?

Prompt #5: Zazu/Ascot (first one from this year)

Have you ever considered Zazu/Ascot? It’s somehow become my crack!otp. (Blame Down)

Because despite never meeting in any canon (making this pairing just about as cracky as crack gets), Ascot actually has his hand on Zazu’s shoulder in that one formal image. And when you think about it, they’ve both got that bit of ‘child prodigy’ character typing going on, a.k.a., they’re both utter nerds. And their color schemes match! And they both wear hats! It’s cute!

I see it going down like this: Zazu gets curious about the giant beasts that are somehow not giant robots, and then ends up quizzing Ascot about basically everything beast related, which Ascot is all too happy to infodump about, and the two of them end up getting pretty close. I think Zazu ends up as the one crushing first, because he seems to like the cute type, and also because I don’t really see Ascot really considering anyone else romantically as long he thinks Umi’s a real possibility, but once that’s in the past, Zazu would probably grow on him. Very slowburn ship.

Basically, this is crackshipping at its purest. Not the slightest bit of real canon justification, just two characters that’d be kinda neat and cute together.



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