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Title: Somnolent
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Rating: Mature
Length: 1300ish words
Content notes: Ooops I wrote sex.
Author notes: Technically this is the - third? Fourth? Fic in a series where I haven’t written any of the others yet XD;;; however it’s really just several-years-post-canon PWP?
Summary: Clef/Umi. The sun is shining, but Clef doesn’t really want to wake up.


Cephiro with seasons was not, it turned out, an entirely new concept - based on Earth as she had been, they had been there to start with. It was only as the Pillar system became more entrenched - every generation of people believing in the omnipotence of the Pillar giving the role more strength - that things had settled into an eternal summer. There had been slightly cooler times of year, and gentle weather which mostly happened overnight, and all of it so highly controlled that the plants kept on growing with only the faintest of respites. Still, there were traces, when you looked for them. Not just in the spells of the magic-workers who called ice and snow, but in some of the markers of the year; the festival of Harvest, it turned out, came right where summer tipped over into autumn, a thanks for the gathered food that would last until the plants began to bear fruit again in the spring. Even when the fruit had kept coming and coming after that, no one had moved it.

Or perhaps the festival itself anchored the season. That way, it wouldn’t matter that they’d forgotten when it should be - Harvest itself told Cephiro what was to come now. It was certainly bright enough; the bonfires burned the whole night through, with music and dancing and wilder celebrations after the children had roasted taabo in the flames and gone to bed.

Last night - this morning? - was the first time in years Clef had stayed to the end; people came back to the fires as the sky lightened into the soft pre-dawn, as the first birds began to call out, and together they sang their thankfulness as the sun broke over the horizon and the priests sent the last sparks of the fires flicker up into the air. Exhausted, foot-sore, and smelling of smoke, he’d let himself be dragged easily back up to his rooms, and fell asleep even with the raucous cacophony of the dawn chorus spilling through the open windows.

He woke hours later, and rolled away from the sunlight streaming through the open curtains, burying his face in the long spill of Umi’s hair across the pillows. She murmured something indistinct, pressing back into him as he wrapped an arm about her waist under the sheet they hadn’t quite kicked off. Her hair had caught the smell of smoke even more than his clothes had; it was a good thing it didn’t affect their breathing, as the bedclothes had picked it up as well by now.

“Time’s it?” Umi said, voice soft and furred with sleep.

“Mm?” Clef leaned closer, pressing his nose to the back of her neck, his lips to the line of her spine. “Midday, maybe.” He wrapped his arm a little further about her, hand pressed to the bare skin of her stomach, and started to drift again. The sun might be too much on his face, but it was comfortably warm on his back, and his body was still comfortably heavy with sleep.

Umi, however, sounded more awake than before. “We should get up.”

He made a wordless, disagreeing sound, and pulled her tighter against him.

“No, really, Clef. We should get up.”

“’S my day off!”

“But if we sleep too long now, you won’t sleep tonight, and you are working tomorrow.” Umi sounded far too awake, and far too logical. “You were a right pain last time that happened.” She pulled away slightly to turn over, muttering when she had to pull her hair out from under him. “Come on.”

Clef let go of her and pulled the pillow over his head, clinging onto it instead. “’M not getting up.”

“Well…” Umi drawled, and Clef knew that tone, the half-laugh in her words. He let the pillow slip slightly so he could look up at her. “…We don’t actually have to get out of bed. I guess.”

He blinked. “Are you trying to seduce me into staying awake?” he asked, aware that his body had taken the cue and woken up without his permission, blood quickening in places it was very hard to ignore. “Wasn’t last night satisfying enough?” The mention of the night’s festivities was a mistake. He was caught by a vivid memory of her mouth against his, her hands undoing his clothing, cool bare earth on his back as she pressed him to the ground.

“Last night was good, but we hardly ever get the chance to do things when it’s light. You work all the time.” Umi pulled off the little top she slept in, and wriggled out of the underwear she was wearing instead of shorts. The sunlight gleamed on her skin, on every flex of muscle as she moved. She pulled her hair back and started a swift plait, and Clef’s breath caught in his throat.

“We both need to bathe,” he pointed out, enjoying the view but not giving in just yet.

Umi just grinned at him, and pulled the sheet away, nudging him into rolling onto his back. “All the more reason to get thoroughly dirty beforehand. Then we can go take a bath. Together.” She lay her hands on the fastening of the loose trousers he had worn to sleep, waiting the few seconds it took for him to nod at her before she pulled the knot undone, and shoved them down before coming up the bed far enough to straddle him and pin him down to it; that alone had him so ready that she put her hand down and stroked him just once before taking him in. He was still drowsy enough that the heat of her was a shock and he bucked up against her, her name in his mouth and her waist under his hands as he grabbed on tight.

She was so wet already, sliding easily as she rocked with him. “Did you have good dreams?” Clef gasped, watching as she tilted her head back and canted her hips just so, intent on her own pleasure, and he shuddered. He wanted her to hold him down, make use of him, take whatever she wanted-

“I was dreaming of that first festival. But we stayed on the beach, and couldn’t touch, but I wanted to so badly and I knew you wanted to, too, and- oh.” A flush was creeping across her face, down her neck, reaching all the way to her breasts. “And then I touched you, anyway. Then I woke up, before I even got there, so you owe me.”

“For your dream? That’s hardly my fault.”

“Gonna ride you ‘til you feel as desperate as I do,” Umi told him, and the words sparked all the way through his chest, lower. He bit his lip against the fervent, incoherent agreement he wanted to make, unwilling to admit he was giving way to her even though he’d already done so, had no intention of doing anything else. She grinned at him anyway, curled herself forward over him, and he arched up to meet her mouth with his own for a kiss which already felt plenty desperate enough to him.

Umi had different standards. Every time he got close, she stopped, and wouldn’t move again until he’d come down from that edge. Though she let herself fall over it - twice - it was almost an hour more before he was incoherent enough she finally let him finish. And then he pressed her back to the pillows and his mouth between her thighs until she shuddered apart again.

She pulled him up the bed afterwards, with shaking hands, and they lay in a tangled mess in the wreak of the bed, a warm breeze drifting though the window to dry the sweat on their skin. Clef pressed his head to her neck, and let himself drift, until a stray thought made him laugh quietly.

“What is it?” Umi asked, blearily.

Clef kissed the patch of her skin closest to his mouth. “Can I go back to sleep now, then?” He asked, and Umi reached for the pillow they weren’t using to thwack him with it, even as she laughed.


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