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For a year or two, I have been setting myself and anyone else who wants to join in a challenge - to celebrate Rayearth crack-ships and (starting this year!) crack-fanworks over the period known otherwise as the twelve days of christmas - December 26th to January 6th.

I'm doing it again this year and inviting anyone else to join in - either here, on AO3, or on tumblr - by posting fanfic, fanart, meta, prompts, thoughts, anything at all about pairings or plots/ideas which are fundamentally so bizarre they are gloriously unexpected - things like Presea/Caldina fanfic, or all Cephiran characters really having wings - if it's unbelievable, incredible, or just straight-up silly, it fits!

The goal is just to enjoy oneself by having some fun with the fandom. There's no need to post something every day (as you can see, I've failed that myself if it was the goal, I'm already a day late!). Comments to this post are fine, as are new posts on this community - start the subject with 'Twelve days' - posts on the forum, or posts on tumblr - use the '12 days of Rayearth crack' in the first few tags and I'll try to reblog them to FYR, or come chat on discord with us (link in the profile of the community).

There's also an AO3 collection for anything you put on AO3 (and it's going to remain open so you can add to it all year around if you're not archiving things at the moment)!


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