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BELATEDLY what I ended up doing for twelve days was get my long-standing Clef/Ferio Rock!AU stuck in my head, but it took a while before anything condensed into fic - this is still over on the fan-flashworks comm (the link goes to the entry there) but it's a bit of prequel fic.

It'll wait a bit before I actually get it on AO3 so posting here in case anyone's curious and hasn't seen it yet?

Title: a foolishly hopeful promise
Rating: Teen? (strong language)
Length: 1500ish words
Content notes: None
Author notes: Rock!AU, Ferio/Clef (one-sided as far as Ferio knows, Clef's not actually in this.) Stand-alone prequel to a rock!au I haven't actually finished and posted yet (there are a few snippets on the internet).
Summary: What's a rock band about to start a huge tour meant to do when their singer is more than a little under the weather?

Lantis has an idea. Ferio thinks it's a terrible one.

link to the fic on fan-flashworks on dreamwidth.

Now I'm going to go turn my attention to the current challenge here~


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