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Title: a thorough truth
Rating: general with some mention of sex?
Characters: Clef, Umi
Pairings: Umi/Clef
Length: 1600
Content Warnings: none
Author's Note: comes after on the line in the sand. Also the title is a play on betrothed. For the line wedding-beverages-luxury on the bingo card.
Summary: the morning after
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Title: Fettered
Rating: Mature
Length: 1,475 words
Author notes: I plan to extend this more, but here's the first bit of it.

Summary: Umi gets a little tied up with Clef... literally.

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Title: Somnolent
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Rating: Mature
Length: 1300ish words
Content notes: Ooops I wrote sex.
Author notes: Technically this is the - third? Fourth? Fic in a series where I haven’t written any of the others yet XD;;; however it’s really just several-years-post-canon PWP?
Summary: Clef/Umi. The sun is shining, but Clef doesn’t really want to wake up.

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Title: Supporting the Local Economy
Authors: [personal profile] milieva [personal profile] down
Rating: All
Length: 1,444 words
Author notes: Complete nonsense that more or less stands alone, but sits in the Griþian and Fritþian not too long before Sanctuary. I started this and [personal profile] down helped finish it.
Summary: Clef's personal spending gets a little out of hand.

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Title: Cracked Skies
Rating: M?
Pairing: Umi/Clef
Content notes: Sex, magic, etc...
Length: 15000 words
Summary; Umi hadn’t expected to be able to feel how unsettled Autozam was.

I started this fic probably most of a decade ago. I wrote the last third of it in the last few days. My gift for my wife on our third wedding anniversary~

(It may get neatened a little more before going on AO3. But it's done!)

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Title: The Guru Flu
Rating: Teen
Length: 1050 words
Author notes: This is sort of related to Lingering Symptoms over on [community profile] fan_flashworks
Summary: It was the first cold Clef'd had in well over a decade.

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Title: The T-shirt
Characters: Umi & Clef
Rating: Teen
Length: 475-ish
Author notes: I just couldn't manage to finish the fic I've been trying to write for this. I'll just have to finish it later for something else, or just have an amnesty challenge in a few months.

Summary: Clef doesn't trust Umi's choices for his wardrobe

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