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[sticky entry] Sticky: Challenge 11 Closed

The Sweetheart Bingo challenge is now closed.

She Said Yes by [personal profile] vkiera
An Innocent Drink by [personal profile] vkiera
a thorough truth by [personal profile] down

A great big thank you to everyone who participated! If you're archiving on AO3, you can add your work to our Rayearth FanWorks collection there.
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Challenge: sweetheart bingo: fic: a thorough truth

Title: a thorough truth
Rating: general with some mention of sex?
Characters: Clef, Umi
Pairings: Umi/Clef
Length: 1600
Content Warnings: none
Author's Note: comes after on the line in the sand. Also the title is a play on betrothed. For the line wedding-beverages-luxury on the bingo card.
Summary: the morning after
a thorough truth )
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Challenge: Sweetheart Bingo (Beverages/Luxury) Fic: An Innocent Drink

Title: An Innocent Drink
Rating: None
Word Count: 1817
Characters: Eagle/Umi
Author Note: This story is almost a crossover of sorts? Takes place in an AU created by CLAMP in another of their works, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, in a country called Infinity. Take Rayearth characters, add Clover like atmosphere with a dash of Angelic Layer and mix to taste and you get the idea. I feel like I might add to this later. This is a twofer, both themes Beverages and Luxury) 
Summary: The head of the Vision Family was about to learn he was not the only one capable of throwing his weight around.

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Challenge: Sweetheart Bingo (Wedding) Fic: She Said Yes

Title: She Said Yes
Rating: None, brief mention of potential character death.
Word Count: 493
Characters: Eagle/Umi 
Author Note: Hey if I don't row my own crack ship no one will. AU real world fic, based off an old idea I never really got off the ground. And a purposal is close enough to count as wedding related yes? I'm going to go with yes.
Summary: Well, he’d done it. He’d gone and asked the most selfish question on the planet a man can ask.

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Challenge 11: Sweetheart Bingo

Because we're in the run-up to Cephiro Forum's 13th Anniversary, we thought we'd do something a little different in celebration. Since it's Valentine's Day and the forum anniversary is on White Day, why not have ourselves a happy little bingo challenge?

Like all the prompts, you're welcome to interpret these however you like. While we want to encourage some happy and fluffy sorts of things, none of the fanworks need to be romantic in any way. Let's celebrate friendship and general happiness.

14 February - 14 March
Rayearth Fanwork Challenge 11

Sweetheart Bingo

The challenge will close 11 PM Greenwich Mean Time on Thursday, 14 March.

Guidelines | Contact a Mod | Badges

Wedding (or equivalent union ceremony) Online dating / relationship Heart
Beverages FREE SPACE Friends / Friendship
Luxury Improvise Innocent / Innocence

You don't have to start something new, you are more than welcome to use the deadline to finish something. Even something from a previous challenge. (Consider "Free Space" as an amnesty square, and fill in with any of our previous challenges or whatever else you might like.) You don't even have to create something for each individual prompt; feel free to combine your three-in-a-row for one single work.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below, or ask a mod. Have fun! Happy creating!
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Challenge Closed

The FEATHERS challenge is now closed. Here are the entries:

Caged Bird by [personal profile] vkiera
Accessible by [personal profile] down
Fettered by [personal profile] milieva

A great big thank you to everyone who participated! If you're archiving on AO3, you can add your work to our Rayearth FanWorks collection there.
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Challenge Feathers: Fanfic: Fettered

Title: Fettered
Rating: Mature
Length: 1,475 words
Author notes: I plan to extend this more, but here's the first bit of it.

Summary: Umi gets a little tied up with Clef... literally.

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Challenge: Feathers: Fanfic: Accessible

Title: Accessible
Rating: Teenish maybe
Characters: Zazu, Ascot, LaFarga
Pairings: Zazu/Ascot
Length: 1000ish
Content Warnings: None
Author's Note: Link goes through to [community profile] fan_flashworks
Stand-alone established Zazu/Ascot (probably fits in the series of stand-alone Zazu/Ascot little fics I have going but there's literally no reference to them.) - For 'key' at ffwks, but also 'comfort' for my ffwks bingo card, and for 'feathers' here.
Summary: Zazu wonders how Cephiran locks even work.

Click here to read on fan-flashworks (still on dreamwidth).
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Challenge: Feathers: Ficlet: Caged Bird

Title: Caged Bird
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Word Count: 308
No Content warning
Author Note: Still not writing much, but I tried, tiny baby ficlet. Zagato's POV.

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Twelve days: Fanfic: a foolishly hopeful promise

BELATEDLY what I ended up doing for twelve days was get my long-standing Clef/Ferio Rock!AU stuck in my head, but it took a while before anything condensed into fic - this is still over on the fan-flashworks comm (the link goes to the entry there) but it's a bit of prequel fic.

It'll wait a bit before I actually get it on AO3 so posting here in case anyone's curious and hasn't seen it yet?

Title: a foolishly hopeful promise
Rating: Teen? (strong language)
Length: 1500ish words
Content notes: None
Author notes: Rock!AU, Ferio/Clef (one-sided as far as Ferio knows, Clef's not actually in this.) Stand-alone prequel to a rock!au I haven't actually finished and posted yet (there are a few snippets on the internet).
Summary: What's a rock band about to start a huge tour meant to do when their singer is more than a little under the weather?

Lantis has an idea. Ferio thinks it's a terrible one.

link to the fic on fan-flashworks on dreamwidth.

Now I'm going to go turn my attention to the current challenge here~

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Badges are here!

I know I kept promising badges for participation, and so we have finally have them! For participating in our challenges and the community, you can earn badges to post to your Dreamwidth profiles.
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If you have any badge suggestions, you can drop a comment below or you can post a suggestion on the forum
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Challenge 10: Feathers

How you interpret this prompt is entirely up to you. You can write - or finish! - a piece of fiction, draw a piece of art, write a meta post, create a fic rec list or fan-mix of songs, or any other fannish pursuits.

14 January - 28 January
Rayearth Fanwork Challenge 10


The challenge will close 10AM Greenwich Mean Time on Monday, 28 January.

Guidelines | Contact a Mod | Badges

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The Challenge Hiatus Continues

We're dusting off the rules and polishing the community.

The challenges will resume in a few weeks.

But in the meantime, why don't you all go check out [community profile] snowflake_challenge.

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Twelve Days: Crack!Ship Prompts

(So, last year on tumblr, I started a list of Rayearth crack!ship prompts to amuse and/or inspire. Here is everything I have so far.)

Prompt #1: Lantis/Lafarga

Because I’m gonna contribute to the 12 Days Of Crack some way or another! (All ideas are free for anyone else to use)

So… Have you considered Lafarga/Lantis?

Imagine them being comrades-with-benefits or something more serious before shit went down. Imagine Lantis leaving a devastated Lafarga without even saying goodbye. Imagine them having angry make-up sex after Lantis returns. Imagine, perhaps, that they end up going their separate ways after that, realizing that while they’ve both found others to love, They’ll Always Have Paris Cephiro.

Prompt #2: Emeraude/Alcyone

(Again, free for anyone to use)

Have you considered Emeraude/Alcyone?

Clef said he taught Alcyone her magic so that she could protect the Pillar, after all. Imagine Alcyone as devoted to Emeraude as she was to Zagato. Imagine a little girl enamored with the beautiful, strong Pillar after meeting her once. Imagine Emeraude indulging Alcyone (and herself) for a night, only to have it result in such repercussions that she decides Never Again. Imagine that it wasn’t just falling for Zagato that broke Emeraude.

Prompt #3: Ascot/Clef

Some people ship Umi/Ascot. Some people ship Umi/Clef. Both are valid.

But have you considered Ascot/Clef?

Imagine them and their beasties going on outings together. Imagine Clef being a little frustrated by Umi getting into Ascot’s head first. Imagine Ascot panicking after Clef decides to ‘pull an Ascot’ himself because ‘Oh no he’s hot!’ Imagine Umi either being very amused by the development (perhaps in another ship herself) or getting in on the action and making it a threesome. Just give a whirl, why don’t you?

Prompt #4: Fuu/Caldina

Have you considered Fuu/Caldina?

I don’t even know what to do with this one, but it didn’t sound completely unworkable, so thought I might as well throw it out there. Might be a good pair for mind games, maybe?

Prompt #5: Zazu/Ascot (first one from this year)

Have you ever considered Zazu/Ascot? It’s somehow become my crack!otp. (Blame Down)

Because despite never meeting in any canon (making this pairing just about as cracky as crack gets), Ascot actually has his hand on Zazu’s shoulder in that one formal image. And when you think about it, they’ve both got that bit of ‘child prodigy’ character typing going on, a.k.a., they’re both utter nerds. And their color schemes match! And they both wear hats! It’s cute!

I see it going down like this: Zazu gets curious about the giant beasts that are somehow not giant robots, and then ends up quizzing Ascot about basically everything beast related, which Ascot is all too happy to infodump about, and the two of them end up getting pretty close. I think Zazu ends up as the one crushing first, because he seems to like the cute type, and also because I don’t really see Ascot really considering anyone else romantically as long he thinks Umi’s a real possibility, but once that’s in the past, Zazu would probably grow on him. Very slowburn ship.

Basically, this is crackshipping at its purest. Not the slightest bit of real canon justification, just two characters that’d be kinda neat and cute together.

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Twelve days of Rayearth Crack

For a year or two, I have been setting myself and anyone else who wants to join in a challenge - to celebrate Rayearth crack-ships and (starting this year!) crack-fanworks over the period known otherwise as the twelve days of christmas - December 26th to January 6th.

I'm doing it again this year and inviting anyone else to join in - either here, on AO3, or on tumblr - by posting fanfic, fanart, meta, prompts, thoughts, anything at all about pairings or plots/ideas which are fundamentally so bizarre they are gloriously unexpected - things like Presea/Caldina fanfic, or all Cephiran characters really having wings - if it's unbelievable, incredible, or just straight-up silly, it fits!

The goal is just to enjoy oneself by having some fun with the fandom. There's no need to post something every day (as you can see, I've failed that myself if it was the goal, I'm already a day late!). Comments to this post are fine, as are new posts on this community - start the subject with 'Twelve days' - posts on the forum, or posts on tumblr - use the '12 days of Rayearth crack' in the first few tags and I'll try to reblog them to FYR, or come chat on discord with us (link in the profile of the community).

There's also an AO3 collection for anything you put on AO3 (and it's going to remain open so you can add to it all year around if you're not archiving things at the moment)!
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[admin post] Admin Post: Welcome to our corner of fandom!

If you are just now joining us, welcome to the Magic Knight Rayearth Dreamwidth Community. We're small but we're happy to have you

This community is following in the footsteps of at least a dozen previous LiveJournal communities that existed over the years. We've had general communities, icon communities, fanfic communities, and many others, but it is high time we had a fresh start at starting a new place for fans of Magic Knight Rayearth to congregate.

This is a community in which you can share your fanworks, in-depth plot analysis, and anything else you might like.

While we will be posting prompts for fanworks from time to time, to give you new ideas to write or draw, as well as a deadline incentive to finish, not all the posts to this community need to be related to those prompts.

Please feel free to share any other Rayearth posts you're inspired to.

Mostly we want to have fun and encourage the fandom discourse we have begun to miss in places such as tumblr and the like.
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Challenge 9: Dance - Closed

Rayearth Fanwork Challenge 9:

How you interpret these is entirely up to you. You can write - or finish! - a piece of fiction, draw a piece of art, write a meta post, create a fic rec list or fan-mix of songs, or any other fannish pursuits. There will be badges for participation that you can earn based on type and number of challenges you participate in. These will become available when your mods manage to find time to come up with them.

Posting starts now and continues up until the challenge ends when the closing post goes up, which will be somewhere after 10 pm Greenwich Mean Time on Sunday, 24 June. While we would prefer each work created for this challenge to be posted as a new entry to the comm, if you do not have a Dreamwidth account, you may reply to this entry with a link to your work posted somewhere like AO3 or FFN. (or even Tumblr, if your theme is legible) If you need help, please contact a mod.

Challenge Closed - No entries, so no wrap-up post.
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Challenge Closed

AMNESTY is now closed. Here are the entries:

Somnolent by [personal profile] down

The Sugar Incident by [personal profile] milieva

A great big thank you to everyone who participated! If you're archiving on AO3, you can add your work to our Rayearth FanWorks collection there.
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Wake/Sunshine: Fanfic: Somnolent

Title: Somnolent
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Rating: Mature
Length: 1300ish words
Content notes: Ooops I wrote sex.
Author notes: Technically this is the - third? Fourth? Fic in a series where I haven’t written any of the others yet XD;;; however it’s really just several-years-post-canon PWP?
Summary: Clef/Umi. The sun is shining, but Clef doesn’t really want to wake up.

Somnolent )
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Confectionery: Fanfic: The Sugar Incident

Title: The Sugar Incident
Rating: General
Length: 1160
Content notes: Strong mentions of cake and baking. Might leave you craving something sweet.
Author notes: This is the Umi and Ascot baking a cake thing I kept meaning to write for MokonaLord. Umi and Ascot are friends and there may be a little background Ascot/Zazu action hinted at in this…
Summary: Usually, Umi baked things in Tokyo then brought them to Cephiro, but when Ascot had asked her to help him bake something she wasn't going to refuse.

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