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Title: (un)certain
Fandom: Magic Knight Rayearth
Rating: General
Length: 1000ish words
Content notes: None
Author notes: Weight of water 'verse - this is a small sidefic to the start of Protecting You.
Summary: “Are we certain about this?” LaFarga asked quietly.


“Are we certain about this?” LaFarga asked quietly, following Lantis into the room which served as headquarters for the guard and control room for the defence of the castle - and all Cephiro, for that matter. The Guard who was in the room monitoring the systems bowed slightly when they came in, and then vanished out the door when signalled by LaFarga, leaving the two co-captains alone.

Lantis set the blueprints with the proposed shielding down on the table. “About which part?” he asked, not looking back.

LaFarga crossed his arms, and waited. Their joint captaincy of the Guard had been awkward when they started sharing the role; Lantis had never actually been dismissed from his role, so they were officially both Captain of the Guard - it startled both of them when LaFarga was the one who suggested they share the role. Of course, enough of the people about the table were unconvinced of Lantis’s loyalty that they’d insisted LaFarga be the one ultimately in charge, Lantis more his deputy than his co-captain. But having seen the jubilant, terrified way Lantis had held Eagle Vision to him when he’d been brought back, whole but unresponsive…

LaFarga had been absolutely certain Lantis would do anything he could to protect the Castle and the land where Eagle lay healing.

By the time Eagle was awake and well enough to leave them, LaFarga knew Lantis well enough he wasn’t actually surprised he didn’t go back to Autozam as well - because he felt he owed Cephiro, and because he did, actually, love this place - however reluctantly, and mostly for its people.

One of those people was his teacher, and it had been bad enough letting the Guru go off to some unknown place for this ‘Conference’ the first time. Worse after what happened at the second. And now someone was trying their very hardest to murder him right here, right under their noses, and they couldn’t catch them. They’d tried! They were trying everything they could, but these attacks… it was like they were being orchestrated from outside Cephiro.

Both Clef and Lantis had agreed that most of the attempts with magic had been by one person, and they were almost certainly Cephiran. And things had stepped up with the newly proposed Constitution, the re-working of the foundations of Cephiro so it was balanced across the Council more evenly - at which point Clef would no longer be their only diplomatic option. Everything implied this was a local problem. Apart from all the things which didn’t.

Cephiro had been a myth to half the other worlds in the Alliance for several millennia. They had resources that most other worlds could only dream of - a land which rebuilt itself if people prayed for it? Where the same mines could be closed, and encouraged into regrowth, and mined again not a year later? It didn’t take that much political sense to know why other lands would like to get a piece of them. And while they had three strong allies now in the three neighbours who had actually gone ahead and attempted to invade… they were strong, but there were stronger lands out there, with vast networks of allies.

Needing Cephiro to be visible on that international scene so no one could just quietly turn up and annexe them without anyone else noticing was the only reason they’d given in and let Clef go back. And now… LaFarga had a bad feeling that these attacks were connected to the Conference.

Lantis finally gave in and looked at him, eyes unreadable. “You saw them today,” he said, quietly. “Clef trusts her.” His voice got quieter, as if he didn’t feel like he should even be saying this aloud. “He reached out to her, LaFarga.”

Slowly, LaFarga nodded. “But to send them off, just the two of them-”

“The only other person I could see him agreeing to take was Ferio,” Lantis said, flatly. “As soon as we started interviews with other members of the Guard, he would have found a reason not to take them. You saw how unhappy he was with the idea of letting anyone in. And Ferio… with the vote on the Castellan position coming up, I’m not sure the Council would have agreed to send him. Besides which, he has no magic.”

With a sigh, LaFarga sat down. “I was hoping we’d manage to bring him around to it, somehow… I did think about Ascot, but he’s taking on half Clef’s job while Clef’s away, and anyway, Caldina would have either stopped it or gone with them. I’m not sure which would have worried me more.”

“And I can’t go,” Lantis looked down at his hands. “The last thing Cephiro needs is for the rumours about our connection to Autozam to be taken out of control.”

LaFarga nodded. Unsaid by both of them was the fact the Council would not agree to let LaFarga go and leave Cephiro’s defence in Lantis’s hands when both their first lines of defence - Clef and LaFarga - were trapped in an international Conference. Not to mention, LaFarga had no magic, either. So many of these attempts were being made with magic. “But Umi is… both of them are so impulsive. To put them together, in such a situation, without even any back-up?”

“They will have back-up,” Lantis said, suddenly fierce. “Eagle already promised to do all he could. And the elder Princess of Chizeta will be there - she might feel inclined to help Clef, but she would move the stars in the sky to help Umi.” He looked at LaFarga. “She’s young, yes. But the Magic Knights were tested by Cephiro four years ago, and more than proved themselves. They are not.. children, anymore.”

“…Do you think the Guru will let her help him? He’s been pushing everyone away, these last months.”

Lantis took a breath. “He reached out to her,” he repeated. Both of them were quiet for a moment, remembering it. “…I think she’s our best choice. But I also think she’s our only choice.”

LaFarga took a deep breath, and blew it out. “Right. Well, we can only pray this works, I suppose. Hopefully your Eagle and Princess Tatra will at least stop them starting any new wars with the rest of the Alliance.”

On that note, they parted; Lantis to bed, and LaFarga to go check on the patrols, make sure they were doubled as he’d ordered after the events of the day.


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